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Or as momo says: what's your destiny?

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Wheel of life

Tibetan philosophy is wrapped up in this wheel of life. Each symbol in the wheel encapsulates Tibetan thought and means something deep and beautiful. You have to come to Mussoorie to find out whether it suits your lifestyle, or better still visit the residence of the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala, which is just 6 hours from Mussoorie.

Anybody interested in a cultural introduction to the Tibetans is welcome to talk to us. We can set up a package which will take you deep into Tibetan culture and way of life: beautiful monastries, awesome ceremonies and rituals - and delightful socialising.

Chhang is strictly included. (And for the grand tamale we take you somewhere else...)


Tenzing has a Tibetan mother who is deeply religious and is very proud of Tibetan culture, traditions and heritage.

Tibetan prayer flags

She believes her prayer flags will bring everlasting peace and happiness to her ancestors and family.

The wind will carry the prayers to the heavens. She ties blue for sky, white for clouds, red for the sun, green for the environment, yellow for earth...

Around Mussoorie, in Rajpur, Clement Town and Bir, there are a good many Tibetan settlements, where Tibetan culture and tradition are alive and vibrant.

Tibetan kids

Tibetans care for their children. The home, funded by international agencies, is the guardian of children whose parents are in Tibet, or always on the move selling goods on pavements.

Clothes and assistance are welcome

Tibetan symbols

Tibetan symbols

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