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Momo's people in the mountains...

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Momo's people in the mountains...

Tour group
Momo Tours, headed by Tenzing Nima is supported by a group of pros: mountaineers, hoteliers, major taxi operators, booking agents - all over the hill state of Garhwal. Because Garhwal is Tenzing's home ground (he abandoned Tibet before he was born) he knows the hills like the back of a yak. And the hills know Tenzing.

The core group:

Tenzing Nima, who plans, manoeuvres, manipulates and troubleshoots

Tashi, a dreamer and staunch ally of environmentalists

Lobsang - the right arm of Tenzing

Puran Singh Chauhan - the garhwali who is part time postman and an excellent cook of pahari cuisine. (This foot soldier covers a weekly beat of about 60 kms ranging from altitudes of 5000 to 7000 ft!!)

and the land of kings...

Momo Tours also a pretty good setup 350 kms south west in Rajasthan, the state to which Tenzing's father belonged.

Mr Sohan Lal, who has seen all kinds of tourists in his 62 years, is Our Man in Rajasthan. An authority, a raconteur, and a staunch Momo Tours ally. Put your finger on any place in Rajasthan - he'll escort you there in comfort and style. (Want to get to Jaisalmer on a camel?)

Also, Tenzing himself has excellent ground experience gained while working with an organisation called School of International Training, based in Vermont and in Udaipur. For 3 years and more, Tenzing was phenomenally busy showing Vermontians and other US travellers the sights of beautiful Rajasthan.

Want to buy some of the world's best emeralds? Exquisitely executed miniature paintings? Ask Momo!

Philosophy about travel and other things
"I have a Khampa Tibetan mother who is deeply religious and very proud of her Tibetan culture, traditions and heritage. Some of it has rubbed off on me, though I have my own interpretation of things"

Tibetan symbols

Tibetan symbols

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