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(Chhang is a wonderful beverage made of fermented barley or rice and generally had in lieu of water.

Tenzing's is a half and half story, with a sequel:

Who's this Tenzing Momo?

Tenzing was born and brought up in Mussoorie. He was born to a Rajput father and Tibetan mother. His mother is from Kham which is known for its hot blood, and swordsmanship (remember Chengiz Khan?). His father is from Mewar another place well known for war cries and proud moustaches.

Woodstock International Christian School is where Tenzing discovered America. The backpack, the baseball cap, and the Navajo.

Worked as Public Relations officer for Woodstock School for two years coordinating diverse activities for the school and the local community, also old students returning from various parts of the world. And thereby learnt all about the magic word management. Ten years experience in running his mother's Tibetan art-craft store on Janpath also helped (Doma, No 12, Janpath). Incidentally, Doma (Momo's mother) has starred in Bertolucci's magnum opus Little Budha.

Tenzing Nima

Tenzing pointing to an interesting weed that grows wild in Mussoorie

The symbols which wrap up Tibetan thought are given a fresh look by Tenzing Momo

Precious Umbrella
precious umbrella
I'll take care!!!

Victory Banner
Victory Banner
try it at the top of Tungnath peak

White Conchshell
white conchshell
the world according to Momo - "travel light, for you've far to go"

Golden Fish
golden fish
calling all free fish of the universe

Golden Vase
golden vase of treasure
liberate yourself!

Lotus Flower
lotus flower
blossom in the garhwal himalays

big wheels keep on rolling

Eternal Knot
the eternal knot
no politics please!

Doma's Restaurant

is a hangout in Mussoorie, populated by Tibetans, Americans, Garhwalis and assorted Indians. The good
aroma of
Tibetan cuisine gives you a warm welcome. You get hit also by
Grateful Dead murals and powerful music by Eagle's, Grateful Dead,
Stones and the like.


mutton momos
veg momos
sha phaglep
chilli chicken
soft drinks

Mussoorie is a fun place to start your tour. This is where artists, writers and a lot such elements hole up to draw inspiration and energy over the summer months. Mussoorie is known as the queen of the hills. Why don't you seek an audience with her?

Tibetan symbols

Tibetan symbols

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