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Bikers Hell...

We pick you up at the Delhi airport and put you up at a 5 star hotel for two nights so you get accustomed to your bike (The Royal Enfield Bullet 350 cc) which we provide you with. Then we take you from Delhi to Leh, Ladakh. The duration of the entire tour from start to finish is 18 days. After which we put you back on the plane home.



What we will do for you.

  1. Provide you with a Royal Enfield 350 cc motorcycle.
  2. Put fuel in your bike.
  3. Put oil in your bike when ever needed.
  4. All mechanical problems will be taken care of en route by Enfield trained mechanic travelling with us in back up Jeep.
  5. Guide who will be with you at all times on his bike.
  6. Back up van for spouses and children.
  7. All spares needed for your journey.
  8. Helmets.
  9. Drinks. (all sorts) and this includes safe drinking water.
  10. All meals and snacks included.
  11. We will have first aid kits.
  12. At the end of the trip you will be given a video of your journey.
  13. If you want to do the entire trip in airconditioned comfort we can take care of that too.


What we need of you:

  1. We need you to know how to ride a bike.
  2. We need you to have a valid driving license.
  3. We need you to have your own clothing.
  4. If you are picky about sleeping in your own bed then you have to bring your own sleeping bags.
  5. Your wits.
  6. Medical certificate from your doctor saying that it is safe for you to go to 16,000 ft.
  7. Sunglasses, sunscreen lotion, lip balm.
  8. Torch.
  9. Tampons
  10. A visa.
  11. Money for your own shopping needs etc.
  12. Money belt, which will hold money, passport and driving license. 
  13. Gloves
  14. Your clothes (once we are in the higher climes you will be needing long johns) 

What we are not responsible for:

  1. We are not responsible for any broken limbs etc. although we will provide you with all the medical help needed.
  2. We will not refund you the money sent as advance if you cancel the tour.
  3. The pain in your ass.

By the end of the trip you will have passed through five states of North India, seen the most awesome sights of the desert and mountains of the high Himalayas.

For more information on places we will be passing through,  please go ton our  sites of and
Tour will start July and end in August.

Temperatures to be expected, range from (in Celsius) 3 degrees to 30 degrees. 

Write to us at:

Momo shows you more of Leh and Ladakh>>

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