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Ladakh. At least once in a lifetime...

Ladakh mountains

There are many descriptions of Ladakh - alien, awesome, Shangri La, arid desert, chimera, eternity. None of them quite make it. No photograph, no eloquence, or gasping of breath can express the real thing!

The grandeur is like that of Tibet, many cultural patterns the same, and in architecture the Stok Palace is a miniature of the Potala at Lhasa...

Ladakh monastery Ladakh is a weird place, enclosed by high mountain passes which, since ancient times, traders have been motivated to manoeuvre on the backs of double humped bactrian camels, or ponies or yaks. The reason being that Ladakh has geographically been bang center of a very busy trade route.

Leh is the market town. And all roads heading to Leh go across mountains and passes and lakes that seem to be bewitched. Unbelievable colours change with the wind, sun and clouds. Climbing up burnt sienna mountain faces mountains are gonpas gold and shimmering. These are virtual palaces where Tibetan lamas live in grand seclusion, surrounded by rich and colourful religious motifs and steeped in ceremony.

So those of you who collect landscapes, make sure you don't run out of film.

Tsomorari lake
Tso morari is one of Ladakh's many beautiful lakes. Altitude 14,850 ft. And water brackish. However, birds find it friendly because they come in summer to breed. And Tibetans like the general arrangement of earth water sky because it reminds them of home...

Ladakh Buddha

The Buddha at the maitreya temple at Thikse Gompa is 3 stories tall. Gompas are usually located in remote areas, overlooking settlements. Interesting and colourful fairs and festivals take place at these cultural-religious hubs of Ladakh.

Little lamas

Young lamas at a monastery pretend to be imbibing Budhist philosophy. You can often catch them off their guard when they resort to plain honest mischief.

Momo shows you more of Leh and Ladakh>>

Tibetan symbols

Tibetan symbols

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