tour operators
tour operators

Even on a guided tour, a trip means different things to different people. There's so much of local flora, fauna and culture around, so making it interesting is no problem at all! You just help yourself to what you like...

> Who is this tenzing Momo?

> Momo specials

> Recipes - chaang, momos

> Momo on this 'eco' thing

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We can also draw up special, customised itineraries for you depending on your interests.


Get your ass in gear man!

ENT specialist



Director of Momotours hard
at work!

The Mall


Holy Shit!! lets get the hell
outa here!!

Mc Chachas


The school bus

Local entrepreneur


Agori - Lord of all he surveys

The Head office of the
charitable dispensary

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Star Bucks

Speak English

Vip Toilet

Sex Problems ?

Tibetan symbols

Tibetan symbols

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